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Smart PM are proud to bring you CorePM.

CorePM is a brilliant and intuitive, user-friendly, ‘cloud-based’ project management application that enables you to run and collaborate on projects efficiently, anywhere, anytime. It’s easy to access and  simple to use

It’s built on proven project management methodology and will streamline your project management practices allowing you to seamlessly adopt PRINCE2 and ensure easy implementation of the best practice method. The simple and innovative interface is totally flexible, so you can run projects your way.

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Brilliantly Simple

Adopting best practice doesn’t need to be hard. Utilise CorePM’s handy step by step aides and templates to guide you through the PRINCE2 methodology. CorePM is easy and intuitive!

Invite the Entire Project Team

CorePM allows you to involve the entire project team and easily allocate roles. Define your user permissions and decide what information you want visible, and to who!

Assign Items through Flexible Workflow

No one needs a limit on the way they work. That’s why you can use the automatic workflow, or establish workflows on the go, by defining who is next ‘up to bat’.

Work Packages

Delegate responsibility but retain control, by giving Team Managers Work Packages containing a set of products to create. Set out and agree any issues or agreements for the body of work.

Communicate Easily

Get to the point and send notes to team members. Use notes to post updates or comments on project items. Keep the team in the loop through the audit trail. .

No Project Limit

We know you may have many projects on the go, which is why there is no limit to the number of projects you can create. You can easily switch between projects. .

Plan using the Dynamic Gantt Chart

All items you create are automatically included on the Gantt chart, so there’s no need to unnecessarily duplicate information. Plan and schedule effortlessly and ensure your project stays on track! ‘We love it when a plan comes together’ .

Personal Action Centre

Every user has a personal Action Centre for each of their projects. This is where you will see the items you have been assigned, update the status of your items and send notes. Straightforward searching and filtering allows you to keep on top of your work.

Manage Risks Effectively

Identifying and mitigating Risks is essential to the success of any project. Record and respond to your Risks before they have the potential to derail your project. Send actions and tasks to the team, and get things done.

Quality Criteria

Set out the specifications that your Products must meet, so there is no misunderstanding surrounding quality expectations.

Deal with Issues

When issues inevitably arise, CorePM gives you the tools to resolve them. Prioritise issues, write issue reports, and authorise change requests.

Allocate Responsibility

By allocating issues and risks, everyone can see who’s responsible for what by when. Specify who has identified, owns, and is assessing your Risks and Issues. Clear responsibility and visibility means your team will be on the same page.

Focus on Products

Products are significant deliverables within the project. Showing the relationships between Products and Sub-Products aids planning, you know what needs to be created at what stage. CorePM makes sure your deliverables get delivered.

Document Management

Upload your docs and share them with the team. Don’t worry about versioning, CorePM does it for you. Handy pre-formatted templates are available allowing you to create plans and reports with ease.

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