Managing Successful Projects With PRINCE2 2009

PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments 2) is recognised internationally as leading project management best practice.

PRINCE2 is a structured method that has been continually improved and revised since its initial introduction in 1989 as a UK government standard for IT project management. It’s revision and improvement is based on the experience of thousands of projects world wide involving countless project sponsors, project teams, project managers, trainers, consultants and the academic community.

Although originally aimed at IT projects PRINCE2 is now aimed at projects in all sectors. It lends itself through it’s flexibility to use on a wide spectrum of projects in varied environments and is perfectly suited for both small and complex projects alike.

The tailoring of the PRINCE2 method is the key to it’s success and successful tailoring requires the PRINCE2 practitioner to have a firm handle on the method and understand it’s intricacies and elegance.

Smart PM provides expert PRINCE2 training that focuses on making PRINCE2 work for you.

What can PRINCE2 deliver?

PRINCE2® is an intricate interwoven method comprised of seven processes, seven themes and seven principles which are tailored to suit the project environment. Adopting appropriate use of PRINCE2 will:

  • Minimise risk of project failure
  • Make efficient use of management time and increase productivity
  • Deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Give organisations the confidence to take on all change programmes

What are the benefits of using PRINCE2?

Some of the key benefits of adopting PRINCE2 are:

  • It is widely recognised and understood
  • It uses common vocabulary
  • It provides explicit recognition of project responsibilities
  • It’s product focus clearly establishes the what, why, when, and by whom
  • It ensures management time is used efficiently through ‘management by exception’
  • It ensures a continual confirmation of a projects viability and justification
  • It promotes leaning and continual improvement
  • It promotes consistency of project work

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Is PRINCE2 bureaucratic?

No. People who say PRINCE2 is bureaucratic don’t understand it. The method is taught and described in the manual in a form that makes it appropriate for large or complex projects. It must be tailored to a level that provides suitable control for the project at hand. To tailor effectively and make the method work for you requires a firm understanding of the method. Smart PM provides a range of accredited courses that will help you achieve this.

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