Why Smart PM?

Choosing a training provider is tricky business! With course fees ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other it’s important that you choose a provider that’s right for you. That’s why at Smart PM we prefer to stick to the facts….

Pass Rates 2012

International South Africa Smart PM
Foundation 97% 91% 100%
Practitioner 75% 52% 83%

Pass Rates 2013

International South Africa Smart PM
Foundation 97% 92% 98.2%
Practitioner 75% 55% 74%

Pass Rates 2014

International South Africa Smart PM
Foundation 98% 91% 99.6%
Practitioner 71% 52% 77%

Current Pass Rate

The 2015 Smart PM Public Course pass rate is currently  81.5%. This figure was last calculated 28th September 2015.

How do we achieve these results?
Our customers (you) are everything to us. From first contact, through the training process and beyond, we aim to provide first class service, training and advice. We provide high quality training with our own accredited training materials to small groups of delegates and every person who works for Smart PM has attended a PRINCE2 course so understands the delegate experience.

Class Sizes & Cancellations

What tends to happen is that the least expensive courses require the training providers to maximise the number of delegates per group to remain profitable. This leads to large groups, sometimes as many as 24 in a class! At Smart PM we typically deliver to much more manageable groups of between 8 and 12 delegates. The providers who are charging the most tend to frequently be under subscribed resulting in courses being cancelled at great inconvenience to the delegates who have already done thier pre-course preparation, arranged their leave and most importanty – paid their fees.

Smart PM regularly accommodate delegates who have been booked on courses with other providers who have cancelled the courses due to under subscription. In one case the course was cancelled on the Friday morning prior to the scheduled Monday morning start. At Smart PM we have never ever cancelled a course. In fact, in June 2012 we ran a course for 1 delegate!

If you invest in training with Smart PM, we deliver.

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